Government Market

USEI has a long history of providing quality service and support to the US Government Department of Defense and many Civilian Agencies. With a MAC-1 certification, our Brewster Washington facility is a key west coast facility for many government programs for the Military to mission critical services for the Federal Aviation Administration. Together with our terrestrial network and Vernon Valley Teleport facility in New Jersey, we provide both our US Government and commercial customers with more options plus regional and network diversity designed to provide maximum availability.


USEI is a leading provider of ground based infrastructure including satellite, terrestrial, colocation and hosting the various technology platforms for the suppliers of IP technology services to commercial airliners’ passenger traffic. Our ability to add antennae and network Points of Presences in short order gives our customers the flexibility needed to expand services and add new airline carriers to their growing client list.


USEI provides satellite teleport connectivity along with diverse terrestrial network connection to its customers providing mission critical data and passenger/crew entertainment to cruise ships, ferries, fishing vessels, cargo container ships and the US Navy. Our expertise in various technology modem (TDMA, SCPC, MF-TDMA, etc.) platforms gives our customers a strong technical team to help manage their networks.

Broadcasters & Video Programmers

USEI has a long history of servicing the broadcast and cable programming community. Now with more and more real-time coverage for news, sports and entertainment programing, the number of USEI receive only antennas and its Video Over IP terrestrial connectivity allows our customers to move video for events such as Golf, Football, Car Racing, Baseball, Music Festivals, Election Coverage, etc. and for reporting on many stories and events across the globe.

Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers in the Energy, Government, Aviation, Maritime and Internet Service Providers depend on the USEI facilities that are always on 24x7x365 with remote hands technical staff and expertise as the infrastructure backbone to their customers around the globe. With the ability to see the Pacific Ocean Region, the Atlantic Ocean Region and all North and South America, USEI has solutions for all customer requirements.

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