BREWSTER, Wash., Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — US Electrodynamics, Inc. (USEI), the world’s largest privately owned teleport company, which recently added over $100 million in assets to expand its teleport facilities, is today announcing that it is enhancing its senior leadership to build on this recent growth and address the emerging needs of the traditional and “New Space” satellite opportunities – in both the defense and commercial markets.

Under the new leadership of Chairman Dr. Paul Kaminski (former Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition & Technology, who has chaired the Defense Science Board, the NRO Advisory Board and several industry boards) two new senior executives have been appointed:

As CEO Commercial Mike Antonovich, former CEO of Eutelsat Americas, Genesis Networks, Spaceconnection and a former senior executive with PanAmSat.

As CEO Government, Dr. John Stopher, former Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force for Space and on the staff of the House Intelligence Committee.

Jim Veeder, founder and owner of USEI, was WTA Executive of the year in 2022 and USEI was the WTA teleport of the year in 2023. USEI owns teleports in Brewster, WA and Vernon Valley, NJ and also operates satellite services from Mexico, Chile, South Korea, Australia, the UAE, South Africa and Germany. The combined assets include more than 150 antennas that support GEO, MEO, LEO, CIS-LUNAR and other specialty satellite markets.

USEI has recently been selected by INTELSAT and SES for their key US West Coast TT&C and Gateway Services provider of the C-band spectrum services as frequency protection is provided at the Brewster Earth Station to satellite operators after the FCC’s opening of most of the CONUS C-Band to 5G services. In addition, USEI is playing an increasingly important role in “New Space” supporting companies such as BlackSky, Microsoft Azure and Omnispace.

Further, given its heritage as an original COMSAT teleport, USEI supports numerous national security missions and looks forward to being an integral part of the Space Force’s mission to leverage and integrate commercial capabilities. The team will be guiding USEI to enable “New Space” thrusts supporting the resilience, communications, data processing and information distribution to the edge for all domains in the commercial and defense sectors. Doing so will require developing deeper partnerships with space systems providers, data processing, distribution, data storage and power suppliers.