Skyline Communications, global leading provider of end-to-end vendor- and domain-agnostic digital transformation solutions for the ICT media and broadband industry, is proud to announce that US Electrodynamics, Inc. (USEI), the world’s largest, privately owned, teleport company, which recently added more than $100 million in assets to expand its teleport facilities, has selected DataMiner for comprehensive end-to-end monitoring and control of its teleports at Brewster, WA and Vernon Valley, NJ.

The solution will integrate and consolidate nearly a thousand disparate data sources, covering a very broad swath of advanced technology assets that make up US Electrodynamics’ state-of-the-art operation. It will also provide unified and secure deep monitoring and control of both the key operational teleport infrastructure and the workflows, cutting straight across RF chain, local network, and facilities.

Real-time data visualization, proactive anomaly detection, enhanced workflow automation, improved security posture, and optimized resource utilization, are just some of the key benefits that USEI will gain with the use of DataMiner.

“The selection of Skyline’s DataMiner underscores US Electrodynamics’ commitment to delivering exceptional services to our clients and staying at the forefront of technology. The DataMiner System is renowned for its robust monitoring and control features, enabling seamless operation and supervision of teleport facilities.”, said Kevin Moscatiello, Operations Manager at USEI. “But beyond that we also recognized the tremendous innovation of Skyline, which metamorphosed DataMiner into a cutting-edge digital transformation platform. And as such, it offers our business and operation massive opportunity to become a data-driven powerhouse, and to go beyond what we can even imagine today.”

“We are thrilled to partner with US Electrodynamics and provide them with the advanced technology they seek to make their ambitions a reality as well as to support the reliability and efficiency of their state-of-the-art services”, added Roger Bijos, General Manager Americas at Skyline. “The world has transformed tremendously over the past years, and it is very exciting for us to play a pivotal role in the digital transformation journey of leaders such as US Electrodynamics, and to demonstrate to the industry how a data-driven strategy sits at the heart of everything you can think of in a business these days.”